Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trivial fact #1 ...plus tour info

If you are reading this, that means you are interested in seeing the Uncalled for Tour!
But first, some meaningless trivia.
A ducks quack does not echo...and noone knows why.
Now, onto the tour. We have some dates lined up and we would love to see you there. As we travel next year, we will be blogging along the way. This way, those of you who cannot find anything to watch on your 230 channel cable tv provider, will have something with which to entertain yourselves.
Here are the current dates and locations. More info to follow as well as other tour dates. We are the Uncalled for Tour and we support this message.
2/13 - Rexburg, Idaho
3/7 - Thomasville, Georgia
3/13 - EC Glass Auditorium Lynchburg, VA
3/14 - Lyric Theater - Blacksburg, VA
3/27 - South Charleston Library - Charleston, WV


sg said...

Having trouble reading your blog because of the background. Have seen the three of you perform,most recently in Jonesborough this past weekend and would love to see the 3 of you together. Are the dates listed for 2008 or 2009?

MimiRock said...

Hi! Thanks for having us on your mailing list. I will distribute your tour info to my group Beaver Creek Storytellers. We live about 30 min. from ETSU so hope to see you there the end of March. We know Kim and Bill real well, and look forward to getting better acquainted with you.